And it's on the way!!!

And it's on the way!!!

We are so excited to be preparing for Nail Perfect to be landing on New Zealand shores very soon! 
And as soon as it lands, it will start flying off to it's new homes. 

We have the very latest collection "Infinite Beauty" coming in, as well as the entire core acrylic and gel ranges, prep products, lamps, tools and accessories and more! 
We will still have a small wait for the complete Soak-Off Gel Polish range, the Colored Acrylic Powders and the Color Gels, but they aren't far behind.

It's so exciting dealing with the international shipping companies, customs agents, Dangerous Goods certifiers and learning all about how it works.
There has been a massive learning curve for us here on the ground, but we are finding our flow and once the first round of orders goes out we will have our new routine in place.

We will be welcoming a few very exciting names and faces to our team on the ground here too, with some new and some not so new people lined up and raring to go.
Our education team is amazing. Talented and sweet ladies who will represent Nail Perfect beautifully.
We can't wait to introduce them to you all!

Stay tuned..... big things are coming!  



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