So the last few weeks have rushed by in a bit of a blur. 

With huge amounts of stock landing, and the work that goes with international imports, processing and entering stock into our systems, we have been absolutely swamped and not had time to update but I am pleased to announce things are settling down now. 

We have almost all of the available colour ranges for Soak-Off Gel Polish, Color Gel and Coloured Acrylic. 
So alongside our hard gels, acrylics, prep and finish products we now have almost full stock! 

We will be ordering regularly to keep our stock levels up, so if you need to pre-order any items, be assured they won't be too far away! 

Watch this space, we will be updating with some cool photos of our space and our displays, as well as we have coming up a very cool announcement about an international nail superstar heading to New Zealand later this year! 

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