Certificate Updates!

Certificate Updates!

So, we are having a big re-arrange around here. 
Because the system isn't working so well. 

In the lower South Island, there are a raft of new regulations and council bylaws coming into action, where in order to be able to do nails you will be needing to prove that you are qualified. 
These affect us, as every month we receive lists from education providers with lists of names of students who have not met their agreements, 

You see, all institutions have rules like ours, where you have a timeframe to complete your exam after you have completed your training hours.
Ours is 12 months to the end of the month you began. 
So if you started your training on the 10th of April 2017, then your time will be up on the 1st of May 2018. 
If you haven't sat and passed your exams by then, the competency certificate you receive as part of your Core Foundation Modules, will expire. 

And up until now, we have worked on a bit of an honour system. 
So unlike other companies, we haven't in the past informed other distributors that specific students have had their training periods lapse without qualifying. 
We trusted that our students would book in for their exams and pass them, as we work very hard to ensure they get lots of support options - even if they choose not to take them! 

But given the new bylaws, and the requirements of the nail industry in general changing, we are changing with the times too. 

So from now on, because of the actions of a very few, our new certificates of course completion, will come with issue and expiry dates. 
They also have a clear indicator of that this certificate entitles them to purchase as a current student. 
Because once their training period expires, they are no longer able to purchase product from us, or any other Professional Company.
And we need to be clear about when that period is relevant from and to, for full transparency.

So we will be making it very clear, that our Elementary Acrylic (or Gel) Stylist Certificates do NOT qualify you. 
They are simply to show you have achieved the half way point in your training. 
You have completed your required course hours and attended classes. 

A Competent Acrylic (or Gel) Stylist Certificate, means you are FULLY qualified. 
You have completed your course hours, attended all classes, achieved a passing mark in your theory exam, achieved a passing mark in your practical exam, and received a passing mark in your portfolio work.

So if you are a tech, an educator, a distributor or just a customer, look for the Nail Perfect COMPETENT ACRYLIC (or GEL) STYLIST certificate on the wall of your nail tech so that you can be assured their work has been passed to a high standard and you are in excellent hands! 

And if you are one of our wonderful Elementary students, we cannot wait to be able to hand you a shiny new Competent Certificate for your wall, so don't wait too long, book those exams in now!!!

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