Finding a GOOD Educator.

Finding a GOOD Educator.

I'm writing this, because I have had such an influx of people coming to me for re-education. 
These people have chosen an educator, who sold themself well. Who convinced them that they were a great educator and to come to them to learn to be a Nail Technician. 
But sales pitches aren't everything. 
Now, these people are finding out that in fact, their educator wasn't the greatest. 

They have been left feeling like they didn't learn enough to be competent. 
They weren't given their educators attention. 
They weren't given good education manuals that they can refer to. 
They weren't given basic information to ensure they are keeping clients safe. 
They often weren't even given decent quality product to learn with - but cheap product, that is difficult to work with and left them feeling disheartened. 
They didn't receive the training they needed to be confident or competent. 
In some cases, they didn't really receive training at all! And certainly no support beyond their course.  

And this is utterly heartbreaking as an educator and as a nail tech because I remember how hard it was to start out. 
I know that good nails don't happen overnight, and having the follow on support of an educator who cares whether you succeed or fail is absolutely priceless.

Here at Nail Perfect, we do actually care. 
I know I will spend hours speaking to potential students. Because I want them to feel comfortable with me. I want them to ask all of the questions and I want to give them all of the answers. 
They need to know that I will make time for them to get all of the information they need to make a decision they will be happy with - because choosing an educator, is essentially choosing how you will begin your new career. 
It's a big decision. And not one to be taken lightly. 

So when it comes time for you to choose, I've listed a few things which I consider really important and these are things that I would ask before I committed to any training.

My suggestions when looking for an educator, is to ask LOTS of questions. And be prepared to give the educator time to answer them.

    • How much is their training course?
    • What is included in the course, such as kit/manual/training hours?
    • What is the kit product like quality wise? 
    • Where did the educator train and when? 
    • Who ran their educator training? 
    • Are they Milady trained (brand neutral) or brand specific trained, NZQA trained or something else?
    • Where is their certification recognised? 
    • What teaching experience have they had? 
    • How long have they been educating for nails? 
    • How often do they have to re-certify for educating?
    • Do they provide education manuals to students and are they complete manuals to backup each taught lesson? 
    • What subjects do they cover with theory? 
    • What subjects do they cover with practical? 
    • How many hours training in total do they provide? 
    • How many students do they take on at once and do they solely dedicate all lessons to strictly teaching?
    • Do they book themselves clients during teaching hours?
    • How do they conduct lessons? 
    • How do they conduct assessments? 
    • What are the assessment conditions and who do they report those to? 
    • What follow up support and assistance do they provide? 
    • How many theory sessions do you get? 
    • How many practical sessions do you get? 
    • How long do you get to complete your training, portfolio and sit exams? 
    • What are the exam criteria and can they show you examples of passing set quality?
    • What are the training facilities like? 

If they cannot or will not answer those with good answers then run like the wind. 

Another thing you can do, is book in for a 1 hour lesson. This option won't be cheap, but cheaper than investing thousands of dollars into lousy training.
Ask them to walk you through a lesson and show you how they teach. 

Or book in for a set of nails. Look at the quality and the work they do. Take the chance to speak to them and see if you connect with them. 

And ask to speak to students they have taught! 
Who has qualified with them, look at their nail pages and see what their work is like. 
Message them and ask them of their experiences. 

Another thing to remember is that not all courses are created equal. 
So don't rely on things like NZQA qualifications to make you feel certain that you will be getting the education you deserve. 
Ask for a copy of the NZQA standards. Read the unit standards and the requirements and check if they meet the learning standards you want to achieve. 
Ask to see the course material. 
Research the training provider and ask all of the pertinent questions. 

Research, research, research.
It's all about doing research, then making an educated decision. 

And once you have chosen your provider, then all you have left to do is learn! 
Put in the effort and the time. 
Work hard. 
Practise lots. 
And as always, ask a million questions - because when you ask questions, you learn more! 

Good luck in your training journey, and see you out there in the Nail Industry when you get that wonderful certificate for your wall! 

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