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Professional #8 Acrylic Brush - Bling Handle

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Acrylic Application Brush size 8
Perfect for acrylic application.

Brushes all have a fashionably engraved handle with a matching brush cap which slides onto the handle while in use.

Each individual brush consists of 100% Kolinsky hair to offer the best in performance and durability.

- 100% Kolinsky hair
- Includes brush cap
- Complete set for professional nail tech
- A brush for every product – gel, acrylic, paint


Hairs of the brushes have a “gum” coating to protect them during transport and shipping. This gum must be removed before use. Failure to do so can cause contamination of the product during application.

 Take a Nail Wipe between your thumb and fingers and insert the hairs of the brush between the nail wipe.

  1. Gently spread the hairs of the brush breaking the stiffness/seal.
  2. Roll your fingers from side to side to help break the coating and free the hairs.
  3. Remove brush from nail wipe and dust the hairs off on the edge of the nail wipe to release any trapped particles.
  4. Place a small amount of acrylic liquid into a clean dappen dish.
  5. Submerge the hairs into the liquid to remove any residual gum.
  6. Ensure that the hairs are completely covered by liquid by rocking the brush from side to side. This will also prevent any air getting trapped between the hairs which could lead to bubbles in your applied product.
  7. Dispose of the liquid.
  8. Shape and clean the brush on a clean nail wipe to return it to its natural tapered point. Do not use your fingers as they contain natural oils which will affect adhesion.
  9. Use clean liquid, wet brush again and reshape.