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BO Application Tool

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This double - sided BO. AcryGel Application Tool comes with a handy spatula and a synthetic oval AcrylGel Application Brush. The Application Brush allows you full control over your BO. AcrylGel application.

Both ends of the BO. AcryGel Application Tool come with a cap. This is ideal for protecting the hairs of your AcryGel Application Brush and also the Spatula during storage.

Before usage:

It’s very important to remove the Arabic gum protecting the hairs of your brush before use. Break the seal on the hairs between a nail wipe and dust the hairs off on the nail wipe until all the gum is removed. Before you start your application, eliminate all air bubbles by dipping the brush all the way to the bottom of a dappen dish full of BO. AcryGel Liquid Watermelon. Wipe the brush using the side of the dappen dish to drain excess liquid and discard liquid. 

Step 1: Use the Spatula to slice just the right amount of AcryGel from the tube.

Step 2: Insert the Application Brush into a dappen dish with BO. AcryGel Liquid Watermelon. Drain the excess AcrylGel liquid from the brush. The brush should be moist not wet as you start sculpting the nail.