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Cuticle Oil

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Argan Oil

BO. Argan Oil is CCPB Certified Oil and is 100% organic.

Created from an extract from the argan nut from the argan tree which only grows in Southwestern Morocco. Argan Oil is rich in nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E. This multi-functional oil is beneficial for the skin, hair, nails and lips. BO. Argan Oil moisturizes, nourishes and stimulates cell regeneration and is easily absorbed. Tea


Tree Oil

BO. Tea Tree Oil is a rich, nourishing cuticle treatment oil made with lemongrass, sunflower seed oil, calendula flower oil, jojoba, vitamin E with the gorgeous Tea Tree scent. The essential oils within this oil are highly emollient, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing. Treat your skin and nail plate to a high level of nourishment and repair. Regular use will visibly improve the moisture of the proximal nail fold and surrounding skin.

Available in: 7ml and 15ml



• Moisturizes proximal nail fold

• Penetrates deep into the skin

• Helps natural nails grow healthy

• Can be used on natural and artificial nails

• Also perfect for pedicures

• Excellent retail item

• Application with brush

• Available in 2 pleasant fragrances

• 100% organic USAGE Perfect product for homecare.

Recommended to apply BO. Cuticle Oils three times daily to nails and surrounding tissue in order to keep cuticles and the nail plate moisturized and flexible.