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BO Soft Curing LED Lamp

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Product description

This white, 48 watt lamp is both UV and LED curable! The bottom is removable, which makes pedicure services possible. The LCD Display shows the curing time (10 sec - 30 sec - 60 sec - 99 sec) and the timer starts automatically when motion is detected. The new 99 sec function is a painless mode - no more worries about unbearable heat spikes for your sensitive clients!

Features & benefits

  • Combination of LED and UV Lamp
  • Automatic timing function
  • 33 pieces LED, no dead zone
  • High power: 48 watt
  • Hands/feet sensor - lights turn on and off automatically
  • Removable bottom, ideal for feet
  • High-end LCD display, shows the curing time clearly
  • Compact and portable: 21x20x12cm
  • 365 and 405 nanometer


Plug the adapter into outlet. Press timer button and place the hand/foot in the lamp. Light will switch off automatically after the set time or when the hand/foot is taken out of the lamp. Switch off the power after operating.

Clean regularly and use BO. Gel Cleanser to remove any gel residue from the lamp.

Comes with NZ/AUS plug