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Bo Spider Gel

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Spider Gel is the perfect addition to your nail art product collection. The BO. Spider Gel has an elastic consistency which allows you to create sharp, straight lines and dramatic geometric designs. Add a simple yet effective design to your gorgeous nails with BO. Spider Gel.

Add an extra effect by rubbing pigment into the tacky layer of the BO. Spider Gel.
Available in black and white.

Features & benefits

  • Quicky, easy design possibilities
  • Endless design possibilities


Step 1:   Use a dotting tool to pick up a strand of BO. Spider Gel and lay it across your nail.

Step 2:   It is possible to create connecting designs my touching the dotting tool to the surface of the nail   and then pulling the strand to the next spot on the nail.

Step 3:   Cure for 60sec LED/120sec UV.

Step 4:   Cleanse or seal with BO. Soakable No Wipe Top Gel.