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Bo. Watermelon Liquid 100ml

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 AcryGel Liquid Watermelon is used in combination with the BO. AcryGel Application Tool and gives perfect control over the BO. AcryGel application. With the BO. AcryGel Liquid Watermelon, your application brush is moist and allows you to perfectly sculpt your nail without product sticking in the application brush. This gives you a beautiful, smooth surface and reduces the amount of filing necessary.

 It is recommended to use this BO. AcryGel Liquid Watermelon in combination with the BO. AcryGel system.


Step 1: Prepare the natural nail as usual.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of BO. Air Bond onto the surface of the natural nail.

Step 3: Determine the size of the bead of BO. AcryGel that you need. Gently squeeze into the tube and cut with the BO. AcryGel Application Tool (Spatula).

Step 4: Place the small bead of AcryGel on the nail. Dip the BO. AcryGel Application Tool (Brush) into BO. AcryGel Liquid Watermelon. Make sure the brush is damp, not completely wet. Gently spread the bead of AcryGel over the entire nail.

Step 5: Curing time: 30 sec. LED / 60 sec. UV light.

Step 6: Remove the sticky layer with the BO. UV Cleanser.

Step 7: File the nail and finish with BO. Soakable No Wipe Top Gel.