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Cuticle pusher RC 526 (Spoon/Curved Knife)

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Cuticles reveal how much care your nails get. Excess cuticle not only gives your hands a neglected appearance but also influences the nail growth negatively.
This Cuticle Pusher is a completely sanitizable two-in-one tool.
The “pusher” side will expose excess cuticle and the “bevelled” side will eliminate the pterygium from the nail plate.
This tool is designed to help eliminate lifting and peeling of artificial nails. It cleans and prepares the nail bed without scratching. It is also perfect to be used during manicure and pedicure services. Nails will have space to grow and it prevents the cuticles from infection and cracking.
An essential tool for every nail tech!

Features and benefits
• Double-sided
• Can be used for manicures and pedicures and all artificial nail services
• Prevents lifting of nail enhancements
• Stainless steel
• For clean and neat cuticles
• Must-have tool

Holding the easy grip handle, use the pusher end first to push back cuticles and release any adherence of the cuticle from the natural nail plate.
This will now expose the pterygium. Pterygium is the forward growth of the cuticle on the natural nail that will interfere with adhesion of any applied product.
Using the bevelled end hold the Pro Pusher flat to the nail and slide the pterygium off.