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Clamshell 2-Piece LED Lamp (50W) (UV & LED Cure)

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Gorgeous two piece LED lamp with 24 individual diodes covering a huge area inside the lamp. 

Each diode emits TWO frequencies, meaning that this lamp will cure products advertised as UV only. As well as most LED products (please check your product curing frequency to be sure!)

These diodes are extremely well placed to cover most of the lamp area, helping to reduce incorrect curing issues. 

This lamp will comfortably fit a whole hand in. 

This lamp has a removable base, which you can remove for easy pedicures. 

  1. Large opening space and wide open design       
  2. Suitable for all hand sizes & all nail lengths
  3. High Power 50W for fast curing 
  4. 24 dual light LED diodes : 365nm + 405nm for any UV or LED gels
  5. Suitable for all kinds of UV gel and LED gel                        
  6. 4pc Red Light 660nm LED for Skin Care                                                       
  7. 3 Timer: 30s, 60s, 90s ( Low Heat model)                           
  8. Hand Sensor Activated                                           
  9. Removable base plate for foot use
  10. 50,000 Hr lifetime Warranty - 1 year

This lamp has a white outer and pale pink inner. 
This lamp will cure UV only products. 
This lamp will cure LED cure products. 

These have been extensively tested with our products, however we have not tested with other brands. 
Please check the Nm of the products you use in order to know if your brand will cure with this lamp!