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Soak Off Gel Polish - #015 Carry On

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This is a core collection colour and is a cool medium toned grey. with the most subtle of blue/purple shimmers. This shimmer is so microfine that sometimes you almost aren't sure if you saw it or not, but it lights up in the sunshine! 

Colour Type : Shimmer



Prep nails as usual and apply NP Blue Scrub onto the natural nail plate. Allow to fully dry before applying Soak Off Base Gel.

Apply NP Soak Off Gel Polish in the centre of the nail from cuticle to tip, making sure to keep polish off the cuticle.

If polish has touched the cuticle remove prior to curing the nail by using NP UV Cleanser and an NP Cuticle Pusher.

Make sure polish has covered the tip of the nail to ensure long wear. Cure all four nails for 30 seconds in a LED Light & 2 minutes in a UV Light.

Repeat the process on the other hand and thumbs. Apply a second thin coat of polish using the same process. This coat provides full coverage when using an opaque color.

NOTE: if using a dark shade and/or your lamp is not 4x 9 Watt, the cure time will be 3 minutes instead of 2.

Cure: 30 secs LED & 2 minutes in UV Light.



Easy to remove in 10 minutes in combination with NP Soak Off Gel Remover and Foil Wraps. 

Break the seal on the top coat and polish by filing the free edge and a rough grazing across the shiny surface. 

Wrap each nail very tightly with a cotton soaked pad and foil, pre-padded foil wraps or cotton balls and nail clips. 
Ensure the acetone soaked pad has full contact with the nail. 

Wait ten minutes and remove one by one, removing the gel polish with the wrap/pad. 

Alternately you can soak in an acetone friendly (non-metal) soak off dish until all product is removed.