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Sparkle Art Pen and Dotting Multitool

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Let your nail art techniques sparkle with this amazing multi tool!

This is great for those who like to get used to one 'brush' and use it always, as you get one tool which has a gorgeous art fountain pen for getting beautiful lines with watered down paints, and it also has dotting tool ends you can switch out for dots, lines and detail work - even marbling effects with gel polishes! 

One fabulous tool, you can use in so many different ways! 

Just make sure, that when using the fountain pen, you get your paint to the eight consistency - and high quality paints will give you solid cover results. 
Beware - cheap paints will often not cover once you water them down to a pen consistency. 

Get in quick, these are hot!

You get one pen with lid, and a fountain pen nib plus pull it out to replace it with any of the dotting tool heads included.
All parts hide inside the pen to keep them safe!