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Nail Perfect

Sqeasy Gel

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Looking for a low odour option for your salon? 

This is a hybrid product of gel and acrylic, manufactured by our Nail Perfect Headquarters in Europe so you know it's cruelty free and really high quality!

Sqeasy Gel It is strong like acrylic, still hema free, but doesn't move like gel does. You use your Sqeasy liquid to manipulate it into place, and then cure it under a lamp. 
It's Easy Sqeasy, and lasts so well! 

Enhancements with Sqeasy Gel are strong, but flexible and it is just so easy to use! 

We offer 5 beautiful colours, for every use;

  • White
  • Blush
  • Clear
  • Cover Nude
  • Cover Blush

Prep the nails as per usual (remove shine, Blue Scrub, Universal Air Bond) and apply Sqeasy Gel, using the tiniest bit of Sqeasy liquid to help you move the product into place. 
Once it's where you want it, cure under LED light for 1 minute. 
Easy Sqeasy! 

Cure Time : 1 minute LED