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Nail Perfect

Tip Cutter - Pink or Black

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Cut your tips to the desired length and shape in one easy movement. By holding the Triple Tip Cutter in the right position you can create straight, round and well cuts. It will not damage the tip and because of the tip trapper it is also very safe to use.

Features and benefits
• Cuts nail tips
• Makes straight, round and well cuts
• Safe and easy to use
• Does not damage the nail tip
• Removable tip trapper catches nail clippings – full protection for the client
• Can be safely disinfected in sterilizing solution
• Double-sided abrasive surface
• Great retail item
• Ideal Christmas gift for salon clients

Straight and round cuts
Select the tip of your choice and apply the tip to the natural nail using IBP Nail Glue. With the tip trapper side of the Tip Cutter at your side, insert the tip through the opening of the Triple Tip Cutter. Use the right position to cut the tip into the desired shape.
Gently squeeze the Triple Tip Cutter to cut the tip to the desired length and shape.

Well cuts
Select the tip of your choice. Remove the tip trapper by sliding it off. Insert the tip through the opening of the Triple Tip Cutter. Use the right position and gently squeeze the Triple Tip Cutter to cut the tip.