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Nail Perfect

Transfer Foil - Gold Metallic

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Create the most stunning effects with these Transfer Foils. Use it between acrylics and/or gel or make good use of the
stickiness of the cured gel to transfer the foil onto your design.

Features and benefits
• Quick and easy way to decorate nails
• Can also be used to decorate accessories
• Can be used in various ways with acrylics and/or gels
• Ideal to use with special Foil Transfer Gel

(Foil Transfer) Gel
Create a design with a Foil Transfer Gel and cure. Flash curing during your design is recommended to prevent running
of the gel. After curing, place the Transfer Foil (with the matte side down) on the desired places to create the special
effects on those parts. Apply light pressure. Try this method with different gels first before applying on nails. The gels
need to be cured well, but they also need to have enough stickiness for the foil to attach.
Between Acrylics or Gel
Cut the Transfer Foil of your choice in pieces in desired shapes. Create the nail as usual. Place the Transfer Foil on the
nail and finish it with Clear powder or gel.
Nail Art
Place a small amount of tip glue on the nail and place the Transfer Foil of your choice on the nail. Use Super Gloss Top
Coat to seal them.